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The New Temperament Mother-and-child Bag Retro Fashion Hit Color One-shoulder Messenger Female Bag Bags Large-capacity Middle-aged Mother Bag

The New Temperament Mother-and-child Bag Retro Fashion Hit Color One-shoulder Messenger Female Bag Bags Large-capacity Middle-aged Mother Bag

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Hello! We offer English service. You can consult with us in English or Chinese, other language is also OK. We are one of the largest woman bag manufacturers in China. You can find thound kind of bags in our 1688 shop. Our quality is very good, and our price is competitive. We have export business everyday. If you like our bags, please contact with our online service or mobile phone +86 13058606333.

Strong brand female bag factory direct sales , bulk shipments , support bulk wholesale, small quantity mixed batch, one piece delivery , import and export trade , sincerely recruit distributors, wholesale, agency, franchise and other luggage industry partners, provide picture packages, authorization letters , Quality inspection report, support you to settle in major platforms. Contact number 13058606333

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===== Shopping instructions=====


[About agency] One-piece shipping and agency (mixed batch) are all eligible, and no bargaining is necessary. Tag, praise cards, etc. will not be placed on behalf of the company. If you need to place an order with a tag, sachet, etc., please tell the customer service, otherwise the default delivery will be seamless.

[About pictures] All pictures in this store are taken by themselves, so you can use them with confidence and there is no problem of infringement.

[About the details] Our factory's bag quality guarantee, workmanship, long-term stable stock, welcome to place an order!

The bags that have just left the factory will smell of glue and leather, which can be dispersed after being placed in a ventilated place for a few days. Large quantities are shipped from the factory. Due to different production batches, there may be individual changes in hardware, shoulder strap patterns, lining colors, pendant styles, etc. Minor changes in details will not affect the overall appearance and use of the bag. Such changes are ignored. It is a quality issue.

[About after-sales service] Generally, inspection will be conducted before delivery, and pay attention to check whether the package is in good condition before signing. If you encounter minor problems such as thread end or oil side overflow, please solve it by yourself. For big problems, please contact customer service in time, and please try to negotiate compensation. If you need to return the goods, due to the low wholesale profit, the postage for all the wrong goods and quality problems return compensation is limited to the postage we charged at the time of delivery. Please pay for the difference.

[Tax description] All product prices are excluding tax. If you need to issue an invoice, please contact customer service.

Contact number : 13058606333

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