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The New Indian Retro, Elegant And Temperament Inlaid Gemstone Earrings, Long Tassel Bird Cage Irregular Earrings

The New Indian Retro, Elegant And Temperament Inlaid Gemstone Earrings, Long Tassel Bird Cage Irregular Earrings

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1. Product description
Product Title: New European and American retro, elegant, elegant and temperament inlaid gemstone earrings, long tassel birdcage irregular earrings
Product size and weight: 24.7 g/pair
Product packaging: card + OPP bag packaging 
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Maintenance of alloy jewelry:
As long as the alloy jewelry is properly maintained, it is guaranteed to be as bright as new for several years. This kind of jewelry does not need to use very expensive water retention for maintenance, as long as it avoids acid, alkali and humid environment.

Humid environments include: do not wear when bathing or washing your face, do not wear when sweating a lot, dry with a dry cloth before storing; put a desiccant in the jewelry box; put jewelry in time when imitation jewelry is not worn In the box.
1. Jewelry is often changed. Avoid wearing the same piece of jewelry for a long time, especially in hot summer, when the jewelry coating is exposed to sweat for a long time and is easily eroded. Therefore, it is best to prepare multiple pieces of jewelry for frequent replacement.
2. Jewelry is easily damaged when exposed to chemicals. The aroma of bathing, the chlorine in swimming, and the salt in the sea water will cause corrosion marks on the jewelry plating, so all accessories should be removed before bathing or swimming.
3. The collision is easy to wipe the flowers. Be careful when storing. Do not overlap the jewelry. It should be stored in the original packaging bag or in a jewelry box with a separate small grid. There should be 1 desiccant inside! Also avoid Rub each other to rub the surface
4. To clean the jewelry from time to time, use a soft fine-bristle brush to wipe the surface of the jewelry to remove surface stains.

What should I do if I am allergic to alloy jewelry?
Many MMs are allergic to metals, especially alloys. You can apply a layer of transparent nail polish on the surface where the surface is in contact with the skin. This will prevent oxidation and prevent allergies.



Must read before shooting

[Quality]: The goods sold are uniformly supplied by regular large-scale manufacturers, and the quality is guaranteed after inspection.

[Size]: Each product is marked with the size value in detail, and it is measured manually, and there may be a deviation of 1.5-2 cm, which is a normal phenomenon.

[Color difference]: Try to keep the same as the actual product, but due to the influence of external factors such as the display and light, the color difference will not be regarded as a product quality problem! Buyers who are extremely picky about colors, please choose carefully!

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