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Heart Ornaments Korean Version Of The New Small Fresh Flower Chrysanthemum Anklet Women's Sweet Foot Jewelry Factory Wholesale

Heart Ornaments Korean Version Of The New Small Fresh Flower Chrysanthemum Anklet Women's Sweet Foot Jewelry Factory Wholesale

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In order to enable members to get due service in Meilong Heart Jewelry Factory, and to avoid unpleasant things from happening. Based on the principles of mutual understanding, fairness and voluntariness, the two parties jointly abide by the following terms:


1. Commitment of Meilong Heart Jewelry Factory

Responsible for the information directly released by our company. If there is a discrepancy between words and actions, which directly causes losses to the merchants, this website shall bear the responsibility. All product pictures are taken in kind, and the description of each product is made to be accurate. Merchants can rest assured to purchase. If serious errors are caused by the negligence of this site, we will correct them in time; if the member loses, our company will make reasonable compensation . Strictly check the quality of the product. If it is a quality problem, this will implement 15-day unconditional return and repair.

Remarks: This book is only responsible for the currently confirmed instant order. Because the information often needs to be updated, if there is a change after the member places the order, we will notify it in time, and the member will decide whether to cancel the order.

2. Requirements for members to place orders

Check the order (price, quantity, specifications, etc.) carefully, and explain in time if there are special requirements. The delivery address and contact information must be accurate, otherwise you will be responsible for the related losses caused by this. Timely payment of the order payment is as follows: If no payment is made within three days after the order, the order will be automatically invalidated.

Three, other agreements

If the two parties reach an agreement through other contact methods and there is a conflict with this clause, it shall be implemented according to the agreement between the two parties.

Replacement of defective products: within 3-7 days after the member receives the goods, if the product is found to be a quality problem. Please get in touch with Ben first and then exchange, Ben bears one round-trip freight.

Repair or maintenance: additional related fees will be charged according to the actual situation. If the product quality problems caused by the cause are unconditionally responsible for the end, if the product is damaged or other problems caused by the customer carelessly, it will be repaired according to the customer's request, but the return postage must be borne by the customer. If the repair is more than 10.00 yuan The cost of the problem is borne by the customer for the basic labor costs.

Detailed explanation of merchants' doubts

1. Product advantages: The advantage of the material of this jewelry compared with pure silver jewelry is that the material of our jewelry is refined from imported pure white copper. The gloss is similar to silver, and even the cut surface is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish. Compared with sterling silver, the price is huge; 925 sterling silver products are guaranteed to contain more than 92.5% silver in the material, supported and tested by testing institutions, high-quality electroplated true platinum layer, strong thick silver, nickel-free electroplating, and protective film , The surface retains the color for a long time, is not easy to fade, anti-oxidation, anti-allergic!


2. Abundant product line: product stock, new product guidance, and customized product line with rich demand are our fundamentals. Whether it is an explosive model or a new model with potential, we can provide our existing inventory to the merchants. Our company specializes in the sale of new products every month to guide fashionable boutiques. At the same time, we can flexibly customize products according to customer needs. Small and medium-sized customers can participate in cooperation without excessive requirements.


3. Superior production line: strong productivity, excellent process, high-end products; our company's daily output is more than 3,000 pieces, and at the same time we have many processing plants, which can shorten the production cycle faster and supply in time. There are more than ten kinds of processes in the production of products. Every process is indispensable from the product version to the factory inspection. It has strict requirements and specializes in high-end jewelry!


4. Our services: Provide effective help and reduce wholesale requirements. Pure supply is not our ultimate goal. We do our best to assist merchants in selling products quickly. Therefore, we have set up an experienced promotion department to provide products. Help with the layout of image promotion and store design. Our company can mix and wholesale from 20 pieces, and can customize new products from 200 pieces! Ultra-low threshold.


Custom processing

Own factory, provide customers with personalized processing customization and other services
Merchants only need to provide product samples or clear pictures of product details and related dimensions, and we can customize them according to these.
Our company will estimate and verify the products according to the customer's customized requirements.
At the time of production, merchants need to prepay the mold cost, ranging from 100-400 yuan. Our company will communicate and verify through the samples from the mold, and then our company will start production.
Before the customized order is produced, the merchant needs to prepay 30% of the start-up capital according to the customized quantity.
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