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Waterproof matte liquid foundation

Waterproof matte liquid foundation

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1.Refreshing and oil-control, moisturizing and sunscreen, improve oily skin, make skin fresh and not greasy.
2.Light texture, good gloss, natural integration with the skin, even skin tone.
3.Effectively improve skin dullness, brighten skin tone, and make skin appear healthy color luster.
4.Good ductility, easy to apply, long lasting effect.
5.Lightweight and easy to carry, travel friendly, suitable for daily or professional use.

Type: Face Foundation Liquid
NET WET: 20ml
Color: 6 colors
Skin type: All skin type

Package included:
1x Face Foundation Liquid  

  NP1290 (9)NP1290 (10)NP1290 (6)NP1290 (3)NP1290 (13)NP1290 (1)NP1290 (2)NP1290 (5)NP1290 (22)NP1290 (20)NP1290 (18)NP1290 (21)NP1290 (16)

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